O întâlnire cu Martin Scorsese.

În „Interview magazine“ am citit un foarte frumos şi spontan interviu pe care Martin Scorsese i l-a luat lui Michael Pitt.

Martin Scorsese: Why don't you tell people a little bit about how you first met me at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York that night to talk about Boardwalk?

Michael Pitt: Well, I was about to move out of my apartment because I was so broke. I'd sort of made a pact with myself that I wouldn't take a job unless it was interesting to me, and I became broke very fast. When I found out I had the meeting with you I realized that I needed something to wear, so I called Armani and begged them to lend me a suit that I would give back to them right afterward. I felt like it was very important for me to be in a suit when I met you. So I put on this really nice suit and got on the subway to go meet you. I had this feeling of, Okay, I look presentable. But I was very nervous. And then when I walked into the Waldorf and was waiting to meet you down in the lobby, maybe five people asked me where the bathroom was because they thought I worked there. [both laugh].

Pe HBO SUA o să înceapă în 19 septembrie serialul „Boardwalk Empire“.

de citit şi interviul Nicole Kidman - Marillon Cotillard, unde Nicole face pe ziarista şi Marillon pe vedeta.

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